Its not all rainbows and insta posts.


Nicki D. Case, Marketing Specialist

Does it sound too good to be true?

To say I've acquired a lot of diverse experience over the past decade would be a slight understatement. I've been in the corporate seat and on the other side of the table as the developer, creative, and consultant.  

I've worked with agencies, I've directed the agencies, and at times, I am the agency. Every client has a different marketing situation based on their industry and size. 

I've heard the outrageous sales pitches and the unrealistic promises being made every minute by industry firms. It can be tough to navigate these waters if you’re not an expert on the topic. Luckily, I have 12 years of experience doing just that. For most business owners and marketing executives, you know how to ask tough questions. You do it all the time. But, do you know which questions to ask these folks, the ones deliberately trying to talk over your head? I do. And you learn the truth very quickly, good or bad, when you ask the right questions.

Unfortunately, there's not a magical marketing button you can push and suddenly increase your bottom line, even though others would have you believe differently. One size marketing doesn't fit all. And in most cases, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. But, that's not an objective way to get the right information.


If you're ready to get serious about your marketing, you've come to the right place. But make no mistake, marketing is fun. It’s just not all rainbows and insta posts.

12 Years, Many Prespectives

Area Experience

  • Agricultural Equipment Sales 
  • Banking
  • Beauty 
  • Church & Community 
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • HVAC

Serious Experience 

Corporate Marketing Strategy, Corporate Acquisitions, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, SEO and Digital Strategy, Multi-Channel Management, Social Media Development and Management, Creative Direction, Policy, Event Planning, Fundraising, Business Launch... and so on... and so on. 

Most importantly, at the very core of this mountain of experience, is brand strategy. Get more specifics below.

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People are happy to give their opinions.

And they don't hold back. Get opinions straight from the horse's mouth.

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