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NCASE Service Terms and Conditions

Client Confidentiality and NDAs

A client’s confidential information is typically needed when conducting a business relationship with NCASE MARKETING (NCASE). The preservation of a client’s privileged information is taken very seriously. All information concerning past, current, or future clients’ financial data, business records, or otherwise sensitive information is considered confidential by NCASE. NCASE may talk about past clients' actions or results from their activities, for example purposes only. However, NCASE will never disclose clients’ names or talk about them in ways that will make their identity known

No confidential information will be released by NCASE without written authorization from a client. 

NCASE will be happy to cooperate with and adhere to any reasonable Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as requested by a client. Please send requests to nicki@ncaseservices.com for review.

Cancelation Policy

All client bookings (sales) with NCASE MARKETING (NCASE) are final. NCASE understands that time conflicts arise and changes to the plan are necessary. In these situations, clients are preferred to make any adjustments to their scheduled appointment, no later than 24 hours prior to the original confirmed date and time. NCASE will gladly accommodate reasonable re-scheduling attempts and work to meet a client’s needs under normal conditions. Please be aware, it is not feasible for NCASE to make current guarantees of future appointment availability. All re-scheduled appointments will be available on a first come basis. Refunds will not be issued for client “no-shows” or last-minute cancellations.

Client Participation & Timeliness


Accuracy, Opinions, & Guarantees